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iPhone Cookbook JavaScript

Undoubtedly, the iPhone is one of the most exciting mobile devices in the world. Its iOS is used in other Apple devices such as the iPad and iPod Touch. With this book you'll learn how to build and develop applications for these devices without applying Apple's burdensome and at times restrictive technologies. Just use your experience and knowledge combined with web front-end technologies like JavaScript to build quality web apps. Nobody will know you haven't used Objective-C and Cocoa.

This book offers a set of practical and clear recipes with a step-by-step approach for building your own iPhone applications applying only web technologies such as JavaScript and AJAX. Web developers won't need to learn a new programming language for building iOS applications with a native look and feel.

System administrators are responsible for keeping servers and workstations working properly. They perform actions to get a secure, stable, and robust operating system. In order to do that, system administrators perform actions such as monitoring, accounts maintenance, restoring backups, and software installation. All these actions and tasks are crucial to business success.

This book is a practical and concise guide that offers you clear step-by-step exercises to learn good practices, commands, tools, and tips and tricks to convert users into system administrators in record time.

You’ll learn how to perform basic operations, such as create user accounts and install software. Moving forward, we’ll find out more about important tasks executed daily by system administrators.

Linux Mint System Adminitrators Beginners Guide

Python 3 al descubierto

Reading this book you'll learn what is Python and basic concepts of this multi-porpouse programming language. Currently, Python is one of the most popular scripting languages used for building desktop and web applications.

The book covers language fundamentals, basic scripting, object-oriented programming, functional programming, regular expressions, how to work with files and databases, Internet programming (CGI, web frameworks, telnet, web scrapping, FTP), unit testing and how to package and distribute your software built with Python.

In order to learn easily, a lot of practical examples are included. You can test your progress directly in your own computer.

Also, the reader will learn how to migrate code from Python 2 to Python 3.

Only available in Spanish

This book is a practical guide for all those Windows users who want to start using Linux. In practical terms, it indicates the possibilities of replacing Windows with Linux and perform all the tasks usually run with the PC. Mandriva was chose for this guide, although there are a variety of distributions of GNU / Linux, for two main reasons: ease of use of its graphical interface and wide range of applications. All applications mentioned in the book may be installed on any other distribution, which means that the concepts taught on Mandriva will be useful in other popular distributions as Ubuntu, openSUSE and Fedora.

The guide discusses the main features of Linux, and how to install and configure Mandriva. Then it reviews the main applications included in this distribution and, finally it focuses on different groups: office automation and productivity, Internet, multimedia, graphics and digital photography. In order to facilitate the transition between operating systems, each application of Mandriva finds its equivalent in Windows, so allows the reader to quickly become familiar with the operating system.

Only available in Spanish

Cambiate a Linux